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Read through these stories and reasons that others have made the commitment to participate this year!  To share your reason, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As I made the commitment and signed up the other day I was scared and excited at the same time as I chose the longest distance to run as a race ever in my life…….10 miles. Well here it goes!  I was challenged to get my co-workers to join me at the Lake Michigan Credit Union Bridge Run in September. I have taken 2 days to think thru how I would approach all of you and my presentation- thought I would do it in person because then it’s harder to say no to someone’s face, then I was like I will only try and appeal to a few of my co-workers, then I thought no I will lay it all out there for them.

 Then this morning as I was out on my training run I thought more about- because if you know as a runner or a walker you have lots of time to think. It was a cool, foggy morning to run which appeals to m. I headed out thinking ugh today is 1 mile 100 yard sprints after a 2 mile warm up….so I chose my route taking on the hill I call a mountain….as I got to the top of my first little incline as I run thru a golf course/housing development I see a gentleman with a leg brace and a cane walking with a limp I say Good Morning and continue on, coming back down the hill and hitting the flat the gentleman is walking still, I slow and ask how far is he going he points to the top of the mountain- in my head I am going holy cow I have trouble running that and he is going to battle it= boom there was my morning inspiration to continue and take on my sprints in the next mile, I tell him he is doing a great job and keep up the good work. This gentleman and the beautiful hot air balloon I saw above the fog were my strength and inspiration this morning. You are probably thinking WOW go ML but let me take you back in this journey a bit further…..this has not always been me as many of you know, what brought me here. I ran in my 20’s and yes it was easy then I had 3 girls and I found I was unable to shed weight and keep it off, my knees began to hurt. I began running and hated it then as I got better I found myself loving it. I am not by far fast but my goal was to finish races I signed up for. I loved the runners at races and the high I was getting was unreal. I was doing something for me finally after always putting others before me. Why do I continue is because after hitting my  running mojo last October and continuing to run in the winter we had I wrote down some goals for myself at the beginning of the year and one was to complete the Bay Shore 10k- done, the next with encouragement from Kyle Culter was to do the Lake Michigan Credit Union Bridge Run- committed now and have begun training, I am also doing another 10k this weekend at Cherry Festival which in my mind was just going to be a 5k but because I know I can do it I’m going for it.

Some of my other motivation for continuing this new path is that I have found it has really changed my thinking process when I work 40-60 hours a week I still keep going and many of you wonder how and why- this is the reason it’s time to reflect while I run, it keeps me healthy and as I have found this season at every event I have a reason to keep working hard to create a world with less cancer,  finding that self-confidence within myself to overcome small or large hurdles, having courage to reach beyond and let myself go- no matter what I do it was more than I did yesterday or last year, hitting those challenges head on-being determined! 
-Mary Lynn from Traverse City, 2014 10Mile Participant




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